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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Favorite kind of man?
A: 27 years old and up. A Gentleman who is clean, respectful, and always open for something fun. 

Q: Who is your Duo partner? 
A: I have several sexy ladies that I play with, my touring partner is Sera. Click her name to check out her website!

Q: Traveling girlfriend? 
A: I love to travel, especially with my duo partners. I do ask that we meet up a few times first to get to know each other. There is nothing worse that traveling with someone you do not click with.

Q: Anything I should know as a new client? 
A: I love going with the flow. 
I truly dislike it when men are pushy, try to negotiate the donation or ask for things I do not offer. 
Just like in personal relationships, the more you visit the more comfortable I become.😉

Q: Should I bring something for the visit? 
A: Honestly I just enjoy one on one time with you. 
If you need a snack or beverage, please feel free to bring what you would like. 

Q: Gifts?
Never required but always appreciated.  
Lingerie - Med
Tops - Med
Panties - Med (depending on style/cut)

Want to really win my heart? Bring a treat for my puppy.

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